Diving courses

K26 is a world-class training pool located in Gapyeong about an hour outside of Seoul. It is an amazing place to practice skills or even go for a fun dive. It goes to 26 meters at its deepest point but also offers areas 3 meters and 5 meters deep to practice the required skills for the PADI Open Water Diver course. Also, it has the space to practice buoyancy skills and proper trim essential to good diving practices. 

It was a busy day with six students. Each student will have unique strengths and individual challenges in the Open Water Diver course. The confined water sessions are a crucial part of a diver’s education. It gives them the opportunity to find their unique challenges. It is the instructor’s job to work with students to problem solve and work the skill to “mastery”. The foundation of the PADI educational philosophy is repetition. Working through these skills in a pool is a safer way to provide students with the tools and the practice they need to take those skills to the ocean: A much more challenging environment where conditions can change by the day or even the hour.

I am really proud of how hard our students worked today. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is how we grow as individuals, learn new skills, and learn more about ourselves. 

Great work today everyone! Now, onwards to the ocean.